Friday, August 28, 2009

Late summer in central Wisconsin

The past two weeks of late summer have been very inspirational. Fog, for certain, simplifies compositions by adding a dreamy quality and layered effects to an ordinary landscape. All of the photographs below were taken in the central Wisconsin area. This area is known by locals as cranberry county. The rolling sand flats are boggy and the soil moisture can severely change from week to week. The soils in this area can become very drought stricken or water drenched. Its these rapid fowl changes that make this land unsuitable for normal farming but oddly enough wild cranberry thrive. During 1939 President Roosevelt declared this area as a federal waist land due to these rapid changes in soil moisture. I for one am very happy that this land wasn't developed, though efforts to develop this land were made, they failed. Perhaps one day this waist land can be seen as more than a barren environment but instead a rare wilderness gem of Wisconsin.

Cranberry county loons - Wood/Jackson county line

Great blue heron pearched atop barren branches

Tamarack tops in fog

Partridge pea flowers in foggy meadow

Sandhill crane family in wetlands

Peaceful flowage

Flowage fog

Fog rising over flowage

Foggy flowage sunset

Sunset from flowage shore

Partridge pea in meadow

Meadow and passing rain clouds

Twilight rain in the sand flats

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