Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Awakens

As the warmth of summer fades to a brilliant palette of color, the wilderness awakens. Birds of feather flock together, those less fortunate to flee the callous season to come begin to prepare for an uncharitable time. The sky filled with leaf confetti is only a reminder of the riddle of the past season. The crisp air is far from a hint of the fading summer as the first frost coats the autumn canvas. The first snowfall congregates the final full season of the year as it passes. Absolute as the season falls.

Sandhill Cranes in Meadow - Wood County

South Bluff and Meadow - Wood County Wildlife Area

Meadow Moonrise - Wood County Wildlife Area

Last Light - Wood County Forest

Autumn Fern - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Trumpeter Swans with Cygnets - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Moss and Leaves - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Paper Birch Sunset - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Whitetail Running in Meadow - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Autumn Impressions - Wood County Wildlife Area

Red Moon Rise - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Autumns Arrival - Sandhill Wildlife Area

Autumn Clouds - Lake Dexter

Red Sunset - Pittsville Wisconsin

Wood County Wildlife Area Moon Rise

Golden Forest Impression - Wood County Wildlife Area

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