Sunday, May 17, 2009

Necedah national wildlife refuge rarities

On rare occasions I like to create photographs by stitching several images together. It’s uncommon that a wide-angle lens can't capture an entire scene with the detail or field of view that multiple photographs do.

Both of the photographs below are rare scenes.

The photo titled "Shelf cloud" shows the purest expression of the bowing arc of a shelf cloud. "Shelf cloud" may very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity in the Necedah national wildlife refuge.

Shelf cloud - Necedah national wildlife refuge
The photo titled "Necedah moon rise" is a scene that's normally under water. This is a sight that only happens when the United States fish and wildlife service lowers the Sprauge Mather flowages water level. The plant growth and wildlife around the emerged soil of the flowage was simply astonishing. Within a few weeks, a green blanket began rolling over the exposed flowage bed and didn’t stop until the first killing frost.

Necedah moon rise - Necedah national wildlife refuge

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