Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wazee "tall pine" and much more

A few miles east of Black River Falls Wisconsin is Jackson counties newest park, Wazee. Wazee means "tall pine" in the Ho Chunk language but this park is far beyond the beautiful stands of white pine. To the east is wildlife loop, which circles a tall grass prairie. A few years ago I visited the prairie regions of the United States and noticed several things that I truly enjoyed. One was the smell of the prairie, a sweet aroma that is unequalled. Wazee's tall grass prairie was a pleasant reminder of my prairie trip. As I stood atop the small prairie like plateau I had another thought that was geographically interesting. The west shore of glacial lake Wisconsin could be seen. The transition from the glaciated and un-glaciated or drift less regions was right in front of me. When viewed from the bluff or ancient mountain ranges in the area the scene was quite obvious. The rapid change in the land is astonishing. Ancient mountain ranges, prairie and wetlands all seen within Wazee’s park, the views are simply wonderful. Wazee Park also has the deepest lake in Wisconsin. At 355 feet the lake is a popular spot for scuba divers. Wazee is simply a wonderful park. The two photos shown were taken on the east edge of the tall grass prairie and the shore of the extinct glacial lake Wisconsin.

To express my mood I used a gold and blue polarizing filter to create the photo “Box Alder”. The photo “Contrails” was taken near sun down of jet contrails adrift.

Box Alder


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