Monday, May 11, 2009

Words about climate change

Shelf cloud before a major storm - Necedah National Wildlife Refuge

Journal entry - November 26, 2006

The day is warm, gray and rainy. The Necedah National Wildlife Refuge has many migratory birds around the Sprauge Mather flowage. Wandering about the wetlands I notice a dozen or so trumpeter swans, several gulls, fair numbers of great blue heron, and many species of ducks dunking their heads under the warm water and fueling up for the journey ahead. The sky, suddenly awakened by a grand flock of sandhill cranes gliding overhead. The sound of Canada geese ringing throughout the flowage. The moment is simply a paradise for a bird watcher. Paradise with a poignant reality, the large number of migratory birds is a rarity at this time of year. Have their migrations been altered due to global warming? Very content, the migrants may not know what terrifying potential is progressing season after season. The wake up call for some is a smog warning in southern Wisconsin. The alert suggests the air they're breathing may not agree with their health. The WARNING is obvious.

Journals conclusion:

“Whether or not you believe in climate change, the earth remains the soul proprietor of life. Those that occupy this planet must be responsible tenants. For as if we don’t care for our existence today; our kin indubitably will.”

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