Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visions of a layoff "Portfolio 1"

Due to the slowing economy my workplace was forced to lay all hourly employees off for a week. During this week I created "Portfolio 1" Visions of a layoff. One of my primary focuses of this project was to document the local paper mills of central Wisconsin. It was and is a frightening reality to see a local paper mill "Domtar - Port Edwards" close their doors and the remaining mills of the area in a pinch, fighting to keep the doors open.
Though I prefer nature photography, I had a need to document a few of the remaining mills in an artistic and photo-journalistic manner. But as expected, I found myself chasing ducks and eagles along the Wisconsin River attempting to create a meaningful image of nature.

To view a special article of this project you can visit the link below.

Down town Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Ducks on ice - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Prescribed burn

Church steple relection

Mallard transit

Ducks under bridge

Steam stacks

Plant power feeds

Star gazing

Moon over mill

Coal cars at mill

Dam warning during icy season

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